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knowledge about when to cross, where to cross, how to cross, being defensive when you cross. it's good life skiles. that's what we're -- skills. that's what we're about, teaching life skills. >> reporter: we're reported on many pedestrian accidents and fatalities. many in your district. how will the program reduce the numbers? >> i think this a small piece of the puzzle. i'm starting to bring consciousness in the very young. not only will these crossing guards be influenced but the other students will see them and start to think why are they here? maybe i should be careful when i cross and drivers combined will think why are they here? it has a cascading effect for me and also my feeling is that if you start them young, their consciousness about pedestrian safety will stick with them forever. >> reporter: you want to expand this to other schools. what are we looking at in terms of the district and the city? >> i was hoping to have several pilot programs in district 7, my district. and there are two other schools lined up to get started and then the idea would be if it's successful -- and i
of sexual assaults in the military. the department of defense estimates the 26,000 servicemen and women were sexually assaulted in 2012. in previous hearings, witnesses described a culture in the military that discourages victims of sexual assault from reporting it. >>> a new army study is giving women a taste of combat. the chief of staff says this will put to rest any doubts about women serving in combat. the study is being down at fort stewart in south georgia. it replaces pushups with physical tasks performed on the job. that includes carrying a wounded solar to safety or lifting a 65-pound missile. scientists will measure heart rates and oxygen to determine who is fit enough for the front lines. >>> while it's a rainy day for us here in the bay area, it's expected to be 78 degrees in scottsdale, arizona today. that's where the giants and the as will open spring training exhibition games against each other. yesterday, bruce bochy named madison bum gardner the starter. bob melvin still has not named his starter. but the pitching schedule would put jarrett parker in line to pitch opening d
to afghanistan after that proposed attack to help train taliban fighters. defense lawyers argue llaneza suffers from mental illness. >>> we have new information about one of the men who pled guilty to beating bryan stow. a judge ordered marvin norwood to remain in custody on an unrelated weapons case until his trial begins. the judge called him a flight risk and danger to society. last week, he was sentenced to four years in prison for beating stow outside of dodger stadium in 2011. his codefendant, louie sanchez, has five years left in his eight-year sentence. >>> brian stow was among those attending the memorial in santa cruz honoring two fallen police officers. stow was a paramedic from the santa cruz area. and he was among the large crowd that came out in a rain storm to honor butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. exactly one year after they were killed in the line of duty. colleagues of the fallen officers say they are touched by the large turnout. >> i really feel like the community is saying we're still here with you. we're in this together and we won't forget the sacrifices of the
security and defense. >>> 7:57. well, b.a.r.t.'s board president is not getting much support yet in his fight to urge state lawmakers to ban future transit strikes. president joel keller introduced the advisory measure during the board meeting last night in response to two strikes last year. but several bart directors, labor leaders and workers strongly oppose the ballot measure. they say banning strikes could only increase the often hostile relationship between b.a.r.t. and its unions. the board must act by june if that measure will be on the november ballot. >>> delays on the roads, rails and the skies, all thanks to the rain and wind. urban and small stream flood advisories. our stormwatch team continues. >> reporter: we're live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station where riders are unhappy after some systemwide delays. we'll tell what you is causing the glitch. >>> we're still looking at extended drive times all over the bay area because of the wet roads, including here in oakland. we'll tell you where the slowest traffic is. >>> some areas are calming down a little bit. might be a f
and the defense he is likely to present. >>> out the doors, the showers are still falling. coming up, how long we will be in the wet pattern. ♪ [ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go get that medley crunch! . >>> murder trial of oscar pistorius begins tomorrow. he is accused of shooting and killing his model girlfriend on valentine's day of last year. he mistook her for a burglar. they say they had some type of fight and hid in the bathroom. he shot four shots through the door killing her. >>> the prosecutor in the oj trial said she doesn't believe him. >> if you heard sounds in the bathroom. what dos but say, money, did you hear that. you say that before you fire shots. >>> he faces the charge of premeditated murder. he is awaiting bond at his uncle's mansion. he will hav
to hearing screams and gunshots. yesterday, his wife testified to hearing the same thing. defense attorneys say the couple discussed what they were going to say in court and that their testimony is not credible. pistorius is accused of killing his girlfriend. he said she thought she was an intruder. >>> the u.s. navy's newest ship is paying tribute to the men and women who lost their lives on flight 3 on 9/11. it will be fully commissioned on saturday in philadelphia. it carries a sign that says let's roll. that phrase was used by the brave passengers as they stormed the cockpit to stop the hijackers who had taken over flight 93. that plane did crash into a field in somerset county, pennsylvania which is how the navy ship was given its name now, one of the passengers on flight 93 was mark bingham from los gatos. a new documentary called the rugby player chronicles his life and career. it will be shown in san jose tomorrow and saturday. it's part of the film festival. that film festival runs for the sex two -- next two weeks. >>> a san jose world war ii vet has become an internet sensation.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6